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Common Sense Media: The Parent Edition

I'm not a parent. But I love kids. I love other people's kids. I love teaching other people's kids.

So, why am I writing this Parent edition post? Well, I have all the respect in the world for parents and everything they do for their children. All parents want what's best for their children and will do whatever it takes to provide for them and keep them safe.

Unfortunately, in today's fast paced tech-world, it's the children who know the most about technology and how things work. Back in 1984, I remember being the one in the family that knew how to use the VCR when they first came out. *gasp, I'm old* I remember being a younger teacher and asking students to help me connect the computer to the projector. Children know. I had a student who, when 14 years old, reprogrammed his school's computer system to flash his name simultaneously on all the computers to wish him a happy birthday the year AFTER he left. We adults are often left behind in the circuit board's dust.

So parents, it's no wonder that you might be apprehensive about your child's school going BYOD or 1:1 or having more and more technology in the classroom. Your children will be doing all sorts of awesome things on the computer or tablet that will enhance their learning experience. But what about the stuff that isn't awesome? What about concerns of appropriate amount of screen time? What about all the dangerous apps out there that your child might be using? What about the potential of online bullying or worse?

Well, Common Sense Media is an amazing resource for parents that addresses these concerns and a whole lot more. There is a space dedicated to reviewing apps. A space dedicated to reviewing and rating movies / TV shows for appropriateness and, one of my favourites, an Essential Creativity Guide.

While I work on additional support and ideas for parents, my biggest suggestion for any parent is to research research research. I encourage you to follow the rabbit holes you'll fall into in Common Sense Media. They have answers to your questions and suggestions of how you can help you child navigate their interaction with technology at home and wouldn't that be a great Total Tech-Over?

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