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Increasingly, coding skills are becoming mandatory in the work force. And if they're not mandatory, they are highly sought after.

According to the Edvocate, "If schools are to align themselves with the future job prospects of their students, it is vital that coding is a skill rather than just an aspect touched on in computer class."

The problem is the lack of coding teachers needed to fill the demand.

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An Online Solution:


Code Avengers is an engaging and current online platform that leads students through a coding curriculum. Their platform is well aligned and effectively designed to assist teachers of any coding proficiency to implement this valuable subject matter in their classes. The teacher dashboard and resources makes it easy for teachers to implement, track students, and to not worry about what to teach next. 

The next concern is implementation. 

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How I Can Help:


I am not employed by Code Avengers, but if your school or district decides their platform is a good fit for your needs, I can provide training to help your school(s) and teachers implement the platform.

The onboard training delves into the significance of coding for students, the platform itself, and how teachers can integrate the skills. 

See my endorsement from Code Avengers below:

daniel bird image.jpg

Daniel Bird - Code Avengers
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

"An important part of implementing Code Avengers into schools is the training and on-boarding of the school's teachers. It is our experience that when a proper teacher professional development session is run, teachers walk away with the knowledge and confidence to start teaching coding in their classes.  The key to proper teacher professional development is the person leading the training session. 

Code Avengers has been privileged to work with Sandra Paetkau while she was at ISG in Saudi Arabia. Sandra has a firm grasp on the challenges teachers face in teaching coding, and she has the experience in helping teachers have confidence to do new things. Teachers attending a PD session run by Sandra will benefit from her experience in the classroom. 

As an executive at Code Avengers I am 100% confident in Sandra and her ability to properly prepare teachers to teaching coding in the classroom."

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